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Month: May 2021

Homo habilis

Photograph of a Homo habilis cranium at three-quarter view.

Homo habilis   AAC Catalogue Number: 2004.1.18   Dates:  2.3-1.7 million years ago   Geographic Range: East Africa   Anatomical Features:  Apelike, consistent with other…

Homo heidelbergensis

Photograph of a Homo heidelbergensis cranium at three-quarter view.

Homo heidelbergensis   AAC Catalogue Number: 2005.2.1   Dates: 900,000-130,000 years ago   Geographic Range: Africa and Eurasia   Anatomical Features:  Large forward projecting face…


Photograph of a Neanderthal cranium at three-quarter view.

Neanderthal AAC Catalogue Number: 2004.11.40   Dates: 127,000-30,000 years ago   Geographic Range: Europe and Western Asia   Anatomical Features:  Large brains Rounded crania Small…