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Month: June 2021

Tongan Paddle Club

Close up of 3D scan of Tongan paddle club that shows it's complex textured pattern.

Tongan Paddle Club Scanned by Andy Tan (’21) Paddle Club (Fiji or Tonga)  1870.341.1 Dr. Peter H. Buck (Te Rangi Hīroa), director of Honolulu’s Bishop Museum for many…

Sharktoothed Sword From Kiribati

Screenshot of a shartoothed sword scan from Kiribati.

Shark-Toothed Sword from Kiribati​ Scanned by Andy Tan (’21) Shark-Toothed Sword (te toanea), Republic of Kiribati 1870.376.31  This is one of several shark-toothed weapons in Wesleyan’s collections, acquired from the Missionary…