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Cataloging Bones!

Spring 2021

During the spring of 2021, students enrolled in Professor Brunson’s ARCP257 Environmental Archaeology class spent part of the semester cataloging, labeling, and photographing mammalian skeletal collections from Wesleyan’s very own natural history collections. This collection was once displayed within the Wesleyan Museum in Judd Hall but after its closure in 1957, the collections were sold or put into storage only to fall into disarray. With recent revived interest in natural history on Wesleyan’s campus, students in ARCP257 were given skeletal specimens to catalogue and rehouse for long-term storage in the Environmental Archaeology Lab. Students compiled information about each specimen, which was then added to Wesleyan’s collection database Specify7. One of the class assignments asked students to create posters about a topic of their choosing related to the collections. A few of these posters can be seen below (click to view

Report by Fletcher Levy (2023), course assistant for ARCP257

Horse Domestication
Mia Sakamoto (’22) on Horse Domestication
Human-Cattle Interaction
Emma Singleton (’23) on Human-Cattle Interaction
Domestication of Cats
Nick Carulli (’22) on the Domestication of Cats