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Congratulations to Our Archaeology Seniors!

Spring 2023


Nick Bowman (Class of ‘23) has been awarded a Fulbright fellowship to continue his studies at the University of Haifa, Israel. Nick also was awarded University Honors for his senior thesis “Maritime connectivity and mobility in the southeastern Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean during the Neopalatial Period: A GIS-based approach.”

Ruby DiCarlo (Class of ‘23) was a finalist for University Honors for her thesis “Bringing Seeds Home: An Exploration of the Rematriation and Indigenous Food Sovereignty Movements.” Ruby is now working for the US Forest Service in San Diego. 

Catherine Cramer (Class of ‘23) wrote a capstone research paper on the archaeology of Martha’s Vineyard. 

Nina Hirai (Class of ’23) and Emily Park (Class of ’23) minored in Archaeology.