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3D Scanning Project Report

Fall 2021

Report by Andres Angeles-Paredes 24’ and Fletcher Levy 23’ 

During the fall of 2021, we worked as 3D scanning technicians to digitize objects for the Environmental Archeology Lab. Our primary work goal was to scan complete skeletons in the Lab’s comparative collections in order to develop an online resource for learning comparative anatomy. We managed to scan an entire elk skeleton! You can view models from the Elk skeleton on the Collections page of this site and familiarize yourself with the basic anatomy and unique structures of this organism. Next on our list of skeletons to scan will be a coyote skeleton–be sure to check back soon to see that project. In addition to scanning skeletons, we also worked on other ongoing lab projects. For example, we worked with Nina Hirai 23’ and Shawn Lopez of the IDEAS lab to print miniature 3D versions of the hominin fossil skulls in the paleoanthropology collections. Nina and other lab members will be using these mini skulls to teach about archaeology in the Cardinal Kids after school program.