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Open House (2023)

Collections Open House

Spring 2023

Report by Nina Hirai (’23)

This spring (2023), the EAL worked together with the Wesleyan Natural History Collections (WNHC) and Anthropology and Archaeology Collections (AAC) to put together our second public open house!  After a successful pilot year and continued interest from Wesleyan members as well as Middletown community members, we once again opened up the Exley Science center to the public, allowing them to freely explore our collections and talk to professors as well as students about the various projects that we have been undertaking over the past few years.


This year, we had the pleasure of welcoming almost 200 Middletown community members to showcase a wide variety of natural history, anthropological, archaeological, geological, and biological artifacts including local Middletown artifacts such as glassware from the Beman Triangle.

Read more about this year’s open house HERE.

For more information regarding the open house, click HERE.