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Welcome to the Environmental Archaeology Lab at Wesleyan University!

Research and teaching in the lab focus on understanding past human-environmental interactions through the analysis of animal and plant remains. We provide opportunities for hands-on student learning in zooarchaeology, archaeological science, experimental archaeology, and collections management. The Environmental Archaeology Lab currently houses a variety of archaeological teaching collections including vertebrate skeletal comparative collections, stone tool replicas, and paleoanthropology replicas from Wesleyan’s Archaeological and Anthropological Collections. We are also developing digitization and 3D scanning projects to increase accessibility of Wesleyan’s collections. If you are interested in working in the lab or viewing the collections, please contact Katherine Brunson (

Katherine Brunson

Assistant Professor, Archaeology Program

284 High Street Middletown CT 06459

Tel: (860) 685-2068 | Email: kbrunson@wesleyan,edu

The Environmental Archaeology Laboratory is located on the third floor of Exley Science Center.