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Click on any of the tiles below to learn about the research and fieldwork conducted at the EAL as well as Dr. Brunson’s personal fieldwork and research projects!

EAL Projects

3D Scanning
3D Scanning Wesleyan University recently purchased an Artec Space Spider 3D scanner. The scanner is housed in the Environmental Archaeology Lab, and models can be…
COURSES Many courses taught in Wesleyan’s Archaeology Program use the Environmental Archaeology Lab collections for hands-on lessons and activities. The lab space is also used…
Paleoanthropology Teaching Collections
Welcome to the EALVirtual Paleoanthropology Exhibit! Created by Kiran Kowlaski (’23), Avnish Kulkarni (’24), Nick Bowman (’23), and Nina Hirai (’23) for the purposes of…

Dr. Brunson's
Fieldwork and Research Projects

Animals in China
Animals in China East Asia was once home to a wide variety of animal species that have been displaced over the last few thousand years…
Oracle Bones in East Asia
Oracle Bones in East Asia Project Oracle bones are a special type of bone artifact used for divination rituals. They are also the source of…
Zooarchaeology and The Tao River Project
Zooarchaeology and The Tao River Project Professor Brunson conducts fieldwork in China annually in order to investigate past human-animal interactions in East Asia. She collaborates…
Ancient DNA
Ancient DNA (aDNA) reveals that animal domestication was a complex process in which there was frequent feralization and interbreeding between wild and domestic stocks. Professor…