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Welcome to the EAL
Virtual Paleoanthropology Exhibit!

Created by Kiran Kowlaski (’23), Avnish Kulkarni (’24), Nick Bowman (’23), and Nina Hirai (’23) for the purposes of helping courses including ARCP204: Intro to Archaeology, ARCP203: Ancient DNA, and more, this exhibit displays a range of hominins throughout evolutionary history. The exhibit includes a collection of 3D scans of hominin fossil casts from Bones Clones that are part of the Archaeological and Anthropological Collections. Each scan is accompanied by an overview of the hominin’s biological and archaeological features, as well as remaining questions about the hominins that paleoanthropologists are still researching. Enjoy!

Click on any of the tiles below to learn more about each hominin!

Proconsul africanus
Back to AAC Proconsul africanus   AAC Catalogue Number: 2004.11.37 Dates: 14-23 million years ago Geographic Range: Eastern Africa, likely inhabited rainforests and woodlands. Anatomical…


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